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121126 Major Rant

This article is a symptom, but not the cause: I'm going to rant. 
Since March of 2002, I have been actively homeschooling my children. The elder had just turned 8, and the younger was 3, almost 4. My children are well behaved, articulate, and educated. The elder graduated at 16, and at last report, had a 3.8 GPA in a STEM degree program while carrying a full load. She also works about 20 hours per week and has more friends than I can count. How has homeschooling failed her!? Yet, There are three people in my life who WILL NOT relent. They are after me continually to put the younger in public school, because surely, her mind is warped and damaged by homeschooling. She also has a keen mind, many friends, and does her best to control her impulses. (ADHD and LD complicate her life.)

One of the naysayers is a relative, but the other two are in the Ministry. One of those is my fellowship coordinator. It is driving me to distraction! If I didn't love the Word so much, I would quit going to fellowship! It is THAT bad!
This is not the high school she would have to attend, but both my girls know people who go there or have already graduated from there. My elder did well. She is FINE. The younger is FINE. Why do people have to meddle?


Nov. 26th, 2012 07:36 pm (UTC)
I think a lot of it is guilt and/or feelings of frustration and worry at their own (possible) inadequacies or what they perceive to be their own inadequacies. In other words, acknowledging that you are doing a great thing by homeschooling your children, they may feel that translates into admitting they are doing a horrible thing by not.

Rather than understand that isn't the case, they try to make you second guess your choices and make them more in line with what theirs were or are. If they can make you doubt your choice, they can then perceive their own choice as being the superior one.
Nov. 26th, 2012 10:29 pm (UTC)


Home Education Support
"A homeschooling parent in Canada recently sent me a letter which ended with a quote by Roque Dalton: 'May we keep hauling up the morning.' I like the metaphor of a sailing ship upon the sea for parenthood and for homeschooling. There are no completely reliable charts, and so we must often navigate without them. We must learn for ourselves how to find the currents, avoid the reefs and storms, and enter the harbors. As we haul up the sails to go on sailing, so we haul up the morning for the adventures of each successive day. There is room for everybody on this ocean, and there is no pilot's license required or worth having. We must trust ourselves and our children. May each of us keep hauling up the morning."

-Earl Gary Stevens, Home Education Magazine, 1990