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Can't sleep

Sorry for the cross post. It's almost midnight and I'm exhausted.

I've been thinking a lot today about my children and their wellbeing and education. I've talked with other homeschooling parents, teachers in CAVA, and reflected on what I had learned and read back when I started wanting to homeschool.

I've decided to take a slightly different approach.

1. Who cares about progress percentage! They will catch up when they are ready.
2. I so badly want to work on their learning style. I can see that Orion is a very kenesthetic learner while Kieriana is more visual and audio. Orion needs to feel and touch what he's learning. Then he's a total sponge. Kieriana, on the other hand, seems to hold back herself a lot. But at least she's not afraid to do the work.
3. They learn best when I'm not stressed.

What I need to do is to find ways for them to do their work in a manner which is enjoyable for them yet it still gets done. The rigid structure of K12 (while it is a wonderful program) just doesn't seem to give them enough time to get frustrated, have trouble, and want to be taught separately.

So here's the thing. I've come up with a way to teach them both and have fun with it.

I'm going to use K12 as a guideline. We will do some K12 but also supplement it with other methods. So long as they can answer the questions put forth by K12 (ie. assessments that are given to see if the children are understanding the work) yet learn in a way that is totally unique and highly enjoyable as well as educational.

I have my work cut out for me.

Back at it

Hi everyone. The last time I homeschooled my son was in kindergarden. Then we moved to NY which turned out to NOT be a homeschool friendly state (at least not where we lived). Now we're back in California (San Diego) and are starting again.

My son is in 5th grade and my daughter is in 1st. We're using the K12 curriculum through California Virtual Academy. I love the curriculum...though I'm having trouble getting everything done each day.

I was wondering if anyone could give some advice for homeschooling 2 kids at once. I keep on trying to get my son to do some independent work but he's reluctant to do so. They both want one on one time with me. Normally I wouldn't mind, but as I said we're having trouble getting everything done as it is.

I've decided to not worry so much about how much time we have to get work done. I figure we can work till 2 or 3 and then do whatever we missed after dinner. The kids both seem pleased with that idea. So we'll see.

Any advice, though, would be most welcome!

Oct. 29th, 2011

Seems like an interesting article - what things can go wrong with homeschooling families. Really it is 'what can go wrong with any Christian family, homeschooling or not', but still...:)


Had to chuckle at one paragraph about homemade bread...

CAT Test on its way out?

I just read that Oregon no longer accepts the California Achievement Test.

The Oregon Department of Education has announced that the CAT/5 and CAT/6 (TerraNova 2nd edition) will no longer be acceptable starting with students testing in the 2010-2011 school year.

Is Washington next? Has anyone heard any more information?

I just moved to Seattle, and am looking for information on any activity groups out here or in portland, OR area. Any advice is welcome, I have no connections out here!  Thanks!

Homeschooled multiples yahoo group

 I just found this yahoo group for parents homeschooling twins, triplets, etc. It hasn't been very active lately, but I'm trying to spread the word in hopes of changing that, because I need help!

Anyway, I know there are some other multiple mommies on here, so here it is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/homeschooledmultiples

online schools?

Do any of you use online school options for your children?  

I'm seriously consdering doing ECOT for my kids.  I'm just wary... because to me, it seems almost too good to be true, and I don't know anyone who has had any firsthand experience with it.

What are your opinions on online schools?

New Educational Blog

Hey everybody! I'm new here. I'm posting to let you know about a blog I've created to help students of drama & theatre studies. On it I talk about plays and practitioners, explain words and phrases, give essay tips and comment on recent drama-related news and topics. The difference is that I welcome requests for topics to write about. Essentially, I want readers to tell me what they need help with, and I'll try my hardest to write about it in a way that answers their questions. My main aim is to help in any way I can!

This is a fairly new blog and I'm just trying to find people who may be interested in it. If you are, please 'follow' me, bookmark it or leave a comment. If you have your own blog, send me the link! :)

I hope it's alright to post the link here (click on the photo to take you to the blog). If not, please delete this post!

New Blog

Thanks, I hope you find this useful. :)


Home Education Support
"A homeschooling parent in Canada recently sent me a letter which ended with a quote by Roque Dalton: 'May we keep hauling up the morning.' I like the metaphor of a sailing ship upon the sea for parenthood and for homeschooling. There are no completely reliable charts, and so we must often navigate without them. We must learn for ourselves how to find the currents, avoid the reefs and storms, and enter the harbors. As we haul up the sails to go on sailing, so we haul up the morning for the adventures of each successive day. There is room for everybody on this ocean, and there is no pilot's license required or worth having. We must trust ourselves and our children. May each of us keep hauling up the morning."

-Earl Gary Stevens, Home Education Magazine, 1990

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