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Inclusive educational and homeschool culture support for all Home Educators
This is an INCLUSIVE and DIVERSE community mainly for parents who are homeschooling or who are strongly interested in homeschooling or those who are homeschooled. Inclusive means you do not have to adhere to any particular educational philosophy or personal belief system to join the group; all homeschoolers are welcome here equally.

This is not a community for spam or advertisement or for selling whatever you may represent, nor is this a community that tolerates trolling/flaming. Membership is moderated solely to make sure users are not joining for that purpose. We do support all homeschoolers and those with a genuine interest in homeschooling/education.

While here, ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, discuss the culture and lifestyle of homeschooling, share and review and ask for advice for your curriculum (if you use any), talk about interests, educational links you've enjoyed, even your precious moments/memories you have from your homeschooling experiences.


Here is a brief summary of The Animal School Fable as described by the webmaster of I Am My Kids Teacher.com: The animals all joined together to create a school wherein all the animals would be equally trained to meet the needs of the group. All the animals were required to learn the same things and that's where the trouble started. The birds nearly drowned, the runners missed running practice in order to practice their climbing, the swimmers had to give up swimming in order to have extra tutoring time in flying, and so on. A beaver who was able to swim and managed to run, climb, and glide from tree to tree in a flight-type style achieved the highest average, and thus managed to graduate as valedictorian. The other animals were all upset from their failures and missed the joy of excelling in their strengths.

To me, this story is about how we all have individual strengths (and how it can be very difficult to cater to these strengths in the public school setting). For more information about this concept, read about the theory of multiple intelligences and to find out the areas of your children's strengths, utilize this quiz.


GETTING STARTED: If you are new to homeschooling and are trying to figure out how to get started, I suggest several things. First, find out the laws on homeschooling for your location. If you are in the United States of America, the National Home Education Network has a list of all the state laws. Second, search the internet for a local homeschool support group. If you are fuzzy on your local laws, they should be able to help, as well as be a resource for educational and extracurricular activities/gatherings. Third, search the library for books. When I was getting started, I especially enjoyed books that had examples of the lives of homeschoolers, such as these. (It made me feel like I could do it too.) Don't forget to utilize the internet (as you obviously are!) A to Z Home's cool is an excellent resource for ALL things homeschooling. Also, there are links on the journal page for this community, many of which are for inclusive national organizations for homeschoolers, as well as just good general resources. Last, but NOT least, read up on deschooling, as a period of adjustment is almost always needed for parents and the child (or children) that are removed from the school setting:

Deschooling, Unschooling and Natural Learning, by Beverley Paine
"Deschooling specifically refers to that period of adjustment experienced by children removed from school settings. It also can include the process of deschooling parents; that is, the unlearning of concepts and beliefs about the nature and purpose of education. School based methods of instruction and thinking rarely translate directly into the homeschool, and where they are tried, often parents run into the same kinds of problems faced by teachers in schools! Children and parents need time to adjust to the new arrangement. Often this is best begun with a 'holiday' at home, a time to observe and record what naturally occurs in the child's life, and where additional resources are needed to introduce additional learning activities considered important and essential. It often takes many months, and sometimes even a year, for the process of deschooling to unfold. During this time it is a great idea to seek support from families who display a similar style of homeschooling to yourself."

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