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121215 Looking for Articles, Studies, Etc.

In reference to a post last month, I have decided to collect a little data on homeschooling. Of course, I've read quite a bit on the subject, but kept no copies of anything. After ten years, I thought the question had been settled. People have done studies, and anecdotal evidence abounds. I just want to collect a few to print and keep on hand whenever relatives and others put the pressure on me to put my ADHD teen into public school for 'social reasons', as if conformity were the answer to everything.



Dec. 18th, 2012 05:30 pm (UTC)
This is something I watched recently.

Are you on facebook? Look for
-Zen parenting
-The path Less taken
-Kicking it unschool

They post often on homeschooling or unschooling, I tried looking for articles like the one you are asking for, but just can't find them.

My little one is just a year old and don't plan on putting her in school later on, I just want to educate myself as much as possible, so that when I am criticized I will have studies and other resources to back me up.


Home Education Support
"A homeschooling parent in Canada recently sent me a letter which ended with a quote by Roque Dalton: 'May we keep hauling up the morning.' I like the metaphor of a sailing ship upon the sea for parenthood and for homeschooling. There are no completely reliable charts, and so we must often navigate without them. We must learn for ourselves how to find the currents, avoid the reefs and storms, and enter the harbors. As we haul up the sails to go on sailing, so we haul up the morning for the adventures of each successive day. There is room for everybody on this ocean, and there is no pilot's license required or worth having. We must trust ourselves and our children. May each of us keep hauling up the morning."

-Earl Gary Stevens, Home Education Magazine, 1990